Among the Lacedaemonians the crown was hereditary even after the institution of the Ephori.

I have heard of a judge who, coming upon a sharp conflict betwixt Bartolus and Aldus, and some point controverted with many contrarieties, writ in the margin of his book, “a question for a friend;” that is to say, that truth was there so controverted and disputed that in a like cause he might favour which of the parties he thought fit ‘Twas only for want of wit that he did not write “a question for a friend” throughout. If you strike them, they care not, provided they strike too, and they turn every thing to their own use. Trotz alledem und alledem—For ‘a that and ‘a that. Besides this, I let them still receive all my income, they having had my first half of this year’s annuity. The great are to them as a fire which scorches those who approach it too nearly.

The more my state of prayer augmented, my desire of suffering grew stronger, as the full weight of heavy crosses from every side came thundering upon me. determined, not according to any other nature, either about compassing and containing; or within, dispersed and contained; or without, depending. 174 But the obscure and imperfect origin of the western churches of Europe has been so negligently recorded, that if we would relate the time and manner of their foundation, we must supply the silence of antiquity by those legends which avarice or superstition long afterwards dictated to the monks in the lazy gloom of their convents. Had Emperor Charles kept control of his nerves for three weeks longer, many things would have turned out differently. “The Country Election,” a farce in two acts, is due to D.

At this time the post-office business included the furnishing of all post-horses—whence the name; and the Governments on the Continent generally retain more or less of this practice. Equo frænato est auris in ore—The ear of the 20 bridled horse is in the mouth. Time is like a fashionable host, / That slightly 50 shakes his parting guest by the hand; / And with his arms outstretched, as he would fly, / Grasps in the comer. Troil. Cor unum, via una—One heart, one way. Naturally each workman feels himself more strong in some special part his art, and those are to be regarded as most fortunate, who lay hands on the noblest, for all the parts essential to the construction of any whole are not equally precious.

The cavalry seized the two crossings before daylight, drove the enemy’s pickets guarding them away, and by six o’clock A.M.