It makes a great difference to the force of any sentence whether there be a man behind it or no.

He looked about for his companion, having no good designs against him, for he was still persuaded that he had slain Thisbe, and was considering how he might serve him in the same manner; proposing afterwards to attack Theagenes. Few of his opponents, however, questioned his own full persuasion that the Compromise Measures were vitally necessary to pacify the nation. Will you believe that I have been four months in England, and quite unable to wind-up half our affairs because my whole mornings have been taken up with answering such letters? I can satisfy all the objections. Noscenda est mensura sui spectandaque rebus / In summis minimisque—A man should know his own measure, and have regard to it in the smallest matters as well as the greatest. The diary of George Bubb Dodington, Baron of Melcombe-Regis, does not, it is true, contain any enlightenment upon the subject of the Oxfordshire election as depicted by Hogarth, yet the writer is circumstantial in his account of the elections of April, 1754.

So Fanny has put a boy upon one of the horses, and proposes that you should send another line to Mrs. Meehan at Ballyglass. The allusion to this incident in Demosthenes (adv. It was not always easy to keep the just middle, especially when it happened that on one side there were corrupt and unscrupulous demagogues, and on the other side corrupt and unscrupulous reactionaries. 1490), a convert Jew, who incited the mob to massacre his brethren. “Dunyásha, you pack! You will, won’t you, dear?” And when Dunyásha willingly promised to do it all for her, Natásha sat down on the floor, took her old ball dress, and fell into a reverie quite unrelated to what ought to have occupied her thoughts now.

Napoleon was inexorable in his demands, and Pius VII. A god in the latest temple was of the same form as when represented on monuments of the earliest date; and King Menes would have recognised Amen, or Osiris, in a Ptolemaic or a Roman sanctuary. Vast, Le Cardinal Bessarion (Paris, 1878), 53-113; A. Cupid’s butt-shaft is too hard for Hercules’ 35 club. Love’s L. One word more by way of comparison betwixt these two.

What, then, renders this soul so perfectly content? It neither knows, nor wants to know, anything but what God calls it to. Necessity reconciles and brings men together; and this accidental connection afterwards forms itself into laws: for there have been such, as savage as any human opinion could conceive, who, nevertheless, have maintained their body with as much health and length of life as any Plato or Aristotle could invent. In one of the conferences on the subject Lord Haversham declared his opinion that the Commons themselves really believed the accused lords innocent; “for there are,” he said, “various other lords implicated in the very same business, and yet the Commons make no charge against them, but leave them at the head of affairs, near the King’s person, to do any mischief they are inclined to, and impeach others, when they are all alike guilty, and concerned in the same facts.” This was a hard hit, for it was the simple truth, and the delegates of the Commons, as they could not deny it, could only affect to take violent offence at it. And even had he not been hindered by anything on the way, his intention could not now have been carried out, for Napoleon had passed the Arbát more than four hours previously on his way from the Dorogomílov suburb to the Krémlin, and was now sitting in a very gloomy frame of mind in a royal study in the Krémlin, giving detailed and exact orders as to measures to be taken immediately to extinguish the fire, to prevent looting, and to reassure the inhabitants. Well, then, it must out.

It is supposed that Janus was the most ancient king of Italy, who, during his life, governed his subjects with such wisdom and moderation that, in gratitude for the benefits conferred upon them, his people deified him after death and placed him in the foremost rank among their divinities. Dei plena sunt omnia—All things are full of God. Let us bring in the women too. Folle est la brébis qui au loup se confesse—It is a silly sheep that makes the wolf her confessor. William announced to them that James had sailed from Brest, with an armament, for Ireland.

Richard was knocked down twice, and had a very heavy fall on head and forehead and shins. Over this was stretched the dome of heaven behind which was the heavenly ocean and the home of the gods. Beseht die Gönner in der Nähe! Halb sind sie kalt, halb sind sie roh—Look closely at those who patronise you. Autant en emporte le vent—All idle talk (lit. so much the wind carries away). Ne forçons point notre talent; / Nous ne ferions rien avec grâce—Let us not force our faculty; we shall in that case do nothing to good effect.

Immense activity in building. In the vicinity of Boguchárovo were large villages belonging to the crown or to owners whose serfs paid quitrent and could work where they pleased.