I flattered myself that I should pass the remainder of my life with my beloved; wandering indeed, and in foreign lands, but with him it would have been sweet; and every difficulty would have been supportable.

It was the effect of distress; and the distress was principally occasioned by the intolerant burden of taxes, and by the vexatious as well as cruel prosecutions of the officers of the revenue against their insolvent debtors. At that ticklish time, when Alexandria was left defended by few men and fewer cannon, Arábi might have attacked, and, aided by the half-cowed mob inside, might have driven us to extremes. He marched into Israel (Bit-Khumri), wasting whole districts, some of which he added to his empire,—for the present, however, leaving the capital undisturbed. Huic versatile ingenium sic pariter ad omnia fuit, ut natum ad id unum diceres, quodcunque ageret—This man’s genius was so versatile, so equal to every pursuit, that you would pronounce him to have been born for whatever thing he was engaged on. The Romans exempted from war all such as were maimed in the thumbs, as having no more sufficient strength to hold their weapons.

Good counsel is no better than bad counsel, if it is not taken in time. Dan. Some manufacturers who prepare their odors by extraction, may find it advantageous to make also the bisulphide of carbon necessary for it, and this is best done in Gérard’s apparatus (Fig. This danger of flooding is less to be apprehended from the Nile itself than from the natural canal, called Bahr Yusuf [“River of Joseph”], which skirts the Libyan Desert. There, no sooner had William arrived in England, than the people rose against James’s Popish ministers, who were glad to flee or conceal themselves. There are no twin souls in God’s universe. J.

I think if he writes, I will write too,” she said, blushing. Daniel did not answer, but winked instead. I also myself went on board one of those ships, with my friends, and the seven armed men already mentioned, and sailed for Tiberias. His estate, including the proceeds of a fair library, only covered his just debts (Athenaeum, 25th Nov.