He was a first-class man, whom I afterward put on the Inter-State Commerce Commission.

He left the chapel to come and speak to me. Lern’ entbehren, O Freund, / Beut Trotz dem 40 Schmerz und dem Tode, / Und kein Gott des Olymps fühlet sich freier, als du—Learn to dispense with things, O friend, bid defiance to pain and death, and no god on Olympus breathes more freely than thou. And first his Feet, then his Legs and Thighs to his[588] Loyns are benumm’d, at length his whole Body is stupify’d, and then down he sinks to the Bottom, and presently after is cast up dead to the Surface. Flee you ne’er so fast, your fortune will be at your tail. Sc. Beholding me rowing with laborious toil, the breath of Thy divine operations turned in my favor, and carried me full sail over this sea of affliction.

But so great a feat was it, that many scholars of the highest standing, including Ernest Renan in France, and Sir George Cornwall Lewis in England, declined at first to accept the results, contending that the Assyriologists had merely deceived themselves by creating an arbitrary language. / Du halte dich ans Weil, und frage nicht Warum?—How? when? and where? the gods keep silence. We cannot tell who was the first to bribe the people or the courts of law at Rome. What is most important to us is the Pythagorean philosophy—not the philosophy of Pythagoras so much as that of the Pythagoreans, as Aristotle and Sextus express it. It was one of these expeditions, indeed, which exposed him to the last and most important of the many charges brought against him.

Ihr sagt es sei nichts als Glück / Zu siegen ohne die Tacktick / Doch besser ohne Tacktick siegen / Als mit derselben unterliegen—You say it is nothing but luck to gain a victory without tactics, yet it is better to conquer without them, than therewith to be beaten. Compare about ??????u??, Herodot. He is needed for the place that awaits him, and so almost apart from his will and despite his indecision, his lack of a plan, and all his mistakes, he is drawn into a conspiracy that aims at seizing power and the conspiracy is crowned with success.