The Greeks took the mountain fastnesses of this people, and plundered the wooden turrets which formed their abodes.

On the 9th of November James met his Parliament. During twenty-six years, the country had experienced the real and imaginary hardships of a foreign yoke. Let men say what they will, according to the experience I have learned, I require in married women the economical virtue above all other virtues; I put my wife to’t, as a concern of her own, leaving her, by my absence, the whole government of my affairs. The feebleness of our condition is such that things cannot, in their natural simplicity and purity, fall into our use; the elements that we enjoy are changed, and so ‘tis with metals; and gold must be debased with some other matter to fit it for our service. As one who does not desire that men should think me better than I am, I will here say this as to the errors of my youth.

Chi sa la strada, puo andar di trotto—He who knows the road can go at a trot. Benets abbeie at Holme, which they would haue kept for a fortresse, to haue withdrawne into vpon anie force that had beene against them. [370] Xen. Perhaps they might not understand the merit of a theologian, profoundly skilled in the controversies of the Trinity and the Incarnation; yet they respected the ministers of every religion and the active zeal of the Christian missionaries, without approaching the person or the palace of the monarch, successfully labored in the propagation of the gospel. The word auto is first applied to any and every play; then, the meaning becoming narrower, an auto is a religious play, resembling the mediæval Mysteries (Gil Vicente’s Auto de San Martinho is probably the earliest piece of this type).

Why and how were the battles of Shevárdino and Borodinó given and accepted? Why was the battle of Borodinó fought? There was not the least sense in it for either the French or the Russians. She first discovered that under proper conditions the sulphuring should be done in the flowers of the grapevines. Il castigo puo differirsi ma non si toglie—Punishment may be tardy, but it is sure to overtake the guilty. She was about sixty years of age and was very stout and short in the neck. Here he seized numbers of cattle, a great quantity of corn and wine, (the vintage being lately ended,) together with the labourers who were still at work there.

I would not have asked for anything for myself, but I thought that the British nation would take a pride in helping me to raise the characteristic monument so long wished for, to a man they so honoured, and who had devoted his life to the nation’s interest in so many ways as he had done; and more so as I had over a thousand cuttings from newspapers and hundreds of letters saying that the nation wished his memory to be honoured by a testimonial. At the creation of the visible world, Ormuzd places on the earth in his incomprehensible kingdom of Light, the firm arches of the heavens which are above yet surrounded on every side with the first original Light. At last there came to our land a report of certain famous knights that had been bred in this realm of Fairy Land. Let us burn our baggage-waggons and tents, and carry with us nothing but what is of the strictest necessity. The curtain rose again.

The commerce of England was now beginning to receive a sensible increase by the colonies which she had established in America and the West Indies. Vanity, which had been excluded to my heart now resumed its seat. The countess could not conceive of life without the luxurious conditions she had been used to from childhood and, unable to realize how hard it was for her son, kept demanding now a carriage (which they did not keep) to send for a friend, now some expensive article of food for herself, or wine for her son, or money to buy a present as a surprise for Natásha or Sónya, or for Nicholas himself.