The power of the sword is more sensibly felt in an extensive monarchy, than in a small community.

I told the officer that the order came too late, and that Halleck would not give it now if he knew our position. There was one person who had asked for me in marriage for several years. Arrived on the battlefield she beheld the lifeless body of her son, who, after a long and brave defence, had at length succumbed to the all-conquering arm of Achilles. The appointment was cancelled before Lambert could pass over to that country, as it is said, through the management of Ireton’s widow, Cromwell’s daughter Bridget. Yet, even so, the rude Latin of the unconquered north remained well-nigh intact.

The moonlit scenery of the distant bay smiles in all eternal Nature’s loveliness upon the dull-grey piles of ruined, desolate habitations, the short-lived labours of man; delicately beautiful are the dark hills, clothed with semi-transparent mist, the little streams glistening like lines of silver over the opposite plain, and the purple surface of the creek stretched at our feet. This was immediately followed, however, by the news that Lord Lovelace, with about seventy of his tenants and neighbours, had been intercepted by the militia at Cirencester, taken prisoners, and sent to Gloucester Castle. All this time they strove equally to induce Charles to accept the terms, which would have removed all difficulties. There remains, however, one panegyric far removed beyond the suspicion of flattery.