It is due to thy rank, to thy conduct, to thy manners.” As soon as the tumult of acclamations subsided, Tacitus attempted to decline the dangerous honor, and to express his wonder, that they should elect his age and infirmities to succeed the martial vigor of Aurelian.

Still more significant is an incident recalled by Sr. Anísya Fëdorovna flushed, and drawing her kerchief over her face went laughing out of the room. There are no trains; the roads are like footpaths over rugged mountains, with precipices here and there. Red as a roost-cock. S. Accordingly, very soon after the troops had been brought back from the Megarid,610 Hippokratês and Demosthenês concerted a still more extensive plan for the invasion of Boeotia, in conjunction with some malcontents in the Boeotian towns, who desired to break down and democratize the oligarchical governments, and especially through the agency of a Theban exile named Ptoeodôrus.

She could never have understood the female novelist’s desire for publicity; and, had she realised it, merry as her humour was, she would scarcely have smiled. If there be no end to avarice and ambition, there is doubtless no more in desire; it still lives after satiety; and ‘tis impossible to prescribe either constant satisfaction or end; it ever goes beyond its possession. The vigilantes, or stranglers, as they were locally known, did their work thoroughly; but, as always happens with bodies of the kind, toward the end they grew reckless in their actions, paid off private grudges, and hung men on slight provocation. Two considerable cantares de gesta of the Cid survive as fragments, and they owe their lives to a happy accident–the accident of being written down. The false or genuine magnanimity of Mahmud the Gaznevide was not imitated by Alp Arslan; and he attacked without scruple the Greek empress Eudocia and her children.

I wished for his death! Yes, I wanted it to end quicker…. Only our knowledge, the spiritual, is thus appearance; the world is in itself absolute truth; it is our action alone that ruins it, our work is good for nothing.” It shows excessive humility of mind to believe that knowledge has no value; but Christ says, “Are ye not better than the sparrows?” and we are so inasmuch as we are thinking; as sensuous we are as good or as bad as sparrows. Many savants of importance were hampered in research work by their activities as teachers, so that the only time[Pg 198] they had left over for research was their vacation. When the Council next met, the Duke of Somerset rose, and pointing to Harley said rudely to the queen that if she suffered that fellow to treat of affairs in the absence of Marlborough and Godolphin, he could not serve her. “Oh,—she’s all right now,” said Arkwright.

Riding past the pond where there used always to be dozens of women chattering as they rinsed their linen or beat it with wooden beetles, Prince Andrew noticed that there was not a soul about and that the little washing wharf, torn from its place and half submerged, was floating on its side in the middle of the pond. But Cnemon arose, and, going out of his chamber, encountered all those difficulties which it was probable a stranger would meet with, who wanders at night, and in the dark, in an unknown house; but he struggled with them all, such was his horror of Thisbe, and his anxiety to clear away the apprehensions which were raised in his mind by what fell from Nausicles. 281 A church seat for loungers, the original in Carfax Church, Oxford.