He is so pure and poetic that my relations with him, transient as they were, have been one of the sweetest comforts to my poor heart, which has already suffered so much.

FIELDING, WILLIAM STEVENS (1848-  ), Canadian journalist and statesman, was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on the 24th of November 1848. And upon this principle all wills and treaties ought to be interpreted. Walcott was at that time Director. Chekm├ír held in leash three formidable wolfhounds, who had, however, grown fat like their master and his horse. “But France,” it seems, “has roused all the nations of Europe against her”; and the long catalogue has been read to you, to prove that she must have been atrocious to provoke them all.

Francesco; whether the walling under the Casa Porti belongs to them is doubtful. Marry and grow tame. Sp. Laudem virtutis necessitati damus—We give to necessity the praise of virtue. Yet the name of that city was still pronounced with respect: the frequent and capricious tumults of its inhabitants were indulged with impunity; and the successors of Constantine, instead of crushing the last remains of the democracy by the strong arm of military power, embraced the mild policy of Augustus, and studied to relieve the poverty, and to amuse the idleness, of an innumerable people.