Unluckily for Granada, his Guía de Pecadores and his Tratado de la Oración y Meditación were placed on the Index, chiefly at the instigation of that hammer of heretics, Melchor Cano, the famous theologian of the201 Council of Trent.

Melanthius being asked what he thought of the tragedy of Dionysius, “I could not see it,” said he, “it was so clouded with language”; so most of those who judge of the discourses of great men ought to say, “I did not understand his words, they were so clouded with gravity, grandeur, and majesty.” Antisthenes one day tried to persuade the Athenians to give order that their asses might be employed in tilling the ground as well as the horses were; to which it was answered that that animal was not destined for such a service: “That’s all one,” replied he, “you have only to order it: for the most ignorant and incapable men you employ in the commands of your wars incontinently become worthy enough, because you employ them”; to which the custom of so many people, who canonise the king they have chosen out of their own body, and are not content only to honour, but must adore them, comes very near. Crispus, the emperor’s eldest son, was intrusted with the execution of this daring enterprise, which he performed with so much courage and success, that he deserved the esteem, and most probably excited the jealousy, of his father. The skill of the Egyptian artists in drawing bold and clear outlines is, perhaps, more worthy of admiration than anything connected with this branch of art; and in no place is the freedom of their drawing more conspicuous than in the figures in the unfinished part of Belzoni’s tomb at Thebes. In answer to this supposition, it is only necessary to remark, that before the example was given, before Austria and Prussia are supposed to have been thus encouraged to combine in a plan for the partition of France, that plan, if it ever existed at all, had existed and been acted upon for above eight months. Noch lebt ein Gott, der meines Elends denkt!—A God still lives who thinks of my misery.

From their resemblance to the Alarum Against Usurers Collins assigns the following scenes to Lodge: I. The English prepared to carry quantities of such commodities into Scotland as would entitle them to a drawback, intending to bring them back after the 1st of May; and the Scots, as their duties were much lower than those of England, intended to import large quantities of wine, brandy, and similar articles, to sell them into England after the Union. Nos patriæ fines et dulcia linquimus arva—We leave the confines of our native country and our delightful plains. Nisæa and Pegæ–which would have been tantamount to the entire Megarid, inasmuch as Megara itself could hardly have been held with both its ports in the possession of an enemy–would, indeed, have been highly valuable, since she could then have protected her territory against invasion from Peloponnesus, besides possessing a port in the Corinthian gulf. When he let McCormack in he closed and locked the street door before going with him down the dimly lighted hall to the printing-room.

Servius Galba,[40] an enemy of Aemilius, who had once commanded a legion under him, hearing this, plucked up spirit to propose openly that he should not be allowed a triumph. There were many others in the public service under me with whom I happened not to play, but who did their share of our common work just as effectively as it was done by us who did play. As long as I was with her she still seemed wavering and fearful; but oh, the infinite goodness of God, to preserve without our aid what without His we should inevitably lose! I was no sooner separated from her, but she became immovable. The child, the uncultured man, lives in concrete individual ideas, but to the man who grows and educates himself, because he thereby goes back into himself as thinking, reflection becomes reflection on the universal and the permanent establishment of the same; and a freedom—formerly that of moving in concrete ideas—is now that of so[404] doing in abstractions and in thoughts. At this very time Charles was in active secret endeavour to obtain an army from Ireland and France.

?. Britomart was greatly pleased to hear such praises of the knight. Come down—come down at two, or three; and then I will go back with you to Aunt Penelope. But when it is a beloved and intimate human being that is dying, besides this horror at the extinction of life there is a severance, a spiritual wound, which like a physical wound is sometimes fatal and sometimes heals, but always aches and shrinks at any external irritating touch. Throughout the Roman world a general cry of indignation was heard, imploring vengeance on the common enemy of human kind; and at length, by an act of private oppression, a peaceful and unarmed province was driven into rebellion against him.

His mind was formed on the old classic model of patriotic devotion. But the occasion of it was this. As long as the flood continues, vessels do not confine themselves to the channel of the[216] river, but traverse the fields and the plains. On one evening she was so sitting till the July sun had fallen{242} and hidden himself for the night, when her father came upon her as he returned from one of his rambles on the moor. A qui veut rien n’est impossible—Nothing is impossible to one with a will.

But after he had made an end, and paused a little, he said: “The king our souereigne lord of his mercie and grace, bicause thou art of his bloud, and one of the peeres of the realme, hath remitted all the other paines, sauing the last, that is to saie, the beheading, and so thou shalt onelie lose thy head;” and forthwith he was had awaie, & led through London vnto the Tower hill. When the Parliament met on the 25th of October, it was found that a strong majority of Whigs had been returned; and, in the struggle for the Speakership, the nominee of the Tories, Mr. Indignant at not being invited, she determined to cause dissension in the assembly, and for this purpose threw into the midst of the guests a golden apple with the inscription on it “For the Fairest.” Now, as all the goddesses were extremely beautiful, each claimed the apple; but at length, the rest having relinquished their pretensions, the number of candidates was reduced to three, Hera, Athene, and Aphrodite, who agreed to appeal to Paris for a settlement of this delicate question, he being noted for the wisdom he had displayed in his judgment upon several occasions. On the twenty-fifth of August, so his historians tell us, Napoleon spent the whole day on horseback inspecting the locality, considering plans submitted to him by his marshals, and personally giving commands to his generals. He did not say that the Emperor had kept him, and Prince Andrew noticed this affectation of modesty.

The contrast between the man of Hellas and of Macedonia, general as well as soldiers, was never more strikingly exhibited than on this critical occasion. Merry senseless words of abuse flowed freely. / Glückselig, wem sie nur / Die äussre Schale weist—No created spirit penetrates into the inner secret of Nature. et quod hodie exemplis tuemur, inter exempla erit—Everything which is now regarded as very ancient was once new, and what we are defending to-day by precedent, will by and by be a precedent itself.