Reproof is a medicine like mercury or opium; if it be improperly administered, it will do harm instead of good. H.

A few grand trees had been left standing near the house, and the grass around was rich and park-like. Even the philo-Laconian and oligarchical Xenophon bestows upon him a marked and unaffected eulogy.[700] His devoted patriotism in commencing and prosecuting the struggle against the Thirty, at a time when they not only were at the height of their power, but had plausible ground for calculating on the full auxiliary strength of Sparta, deserves high admiration. Jam seges est ubi Troja fuit, resecandaque falce / Luxuriat Phrygio sanguine pinguis humus—New fields of corn wave where Troy once stood, and the ground enriched with Trojan blood is luxuriant with grain ready for the sickle. We have spoken of the ego as becoming aware of its own freedom, and have shown how the existence of other egos and of a world in which these egos may act are the necessary conditions of consciousness of freedom. On the afternoon of the 26th, however, arrangements had been made for moving the regiments at Alexandria early next morning.

As to what concerns age, which is alleged against me, ‘tis quite contrary; ‘tis for youth to subject itself to common opinions, and to curb itself to please others; it has wherewithal to please both the people and itself; we have but too much ado to please ourselves alone. Some lacked the education and intelligence needful for official responsibility. Suddenly a senator came in from the lobby in an excited way, and catching the chairman’s eye, exclaimed, “Mr. President, the telegraph announces that the secessionists are bombarding Fort Sumter!” There was a solemn and painful hush, but it was broken in a moment by a woman’s shrill voice from the spectators’ seats, crying, “Glory to God!” It startled every one, almost as if the enemy were in the midst.