Either from his own ambition, or from the suggestions of others, Lysander came now to conceive the idea of breaking the succession of the two regal families, and opening for himself a door to reach the crown.

It does not appear that Albinus served the son of Marcus, either as the minister of his cruelties, or even as the associate of his pleasures. Eine grosse Epoche hat das Jahrhundert 45 geboren; / Aber der grosse Moment findet ein kleines Geschlecht—The century has given birth to a great epoch, but it is a small race the great moment appeals to. For three weeks the old prince lay stricken by paralysis in the new house Prince Andrew had built at Boguchárovo, ever in the same state, getting neither better nor worse. Boca de mel, coraçaõ de fel—A tongue of honey, a heart of gall. A woman came from the bedroom with a frightened face and became confused when she saw Prince Andrew.

Three days later (May 19th) the President commuted the sentence by directing that Mr. Vallandigham be sent “under secure guard, to the headquarters of General Rosecrans, to be put by him beyond our military lines, and that in case of his return within our line, he be arrested and kept in close custody for the term specified in his sentence.” This was done accordingly. Semper avarus eget; certum voto pete finem—The avaricious man is ever in want; let your desire aim at a fixed limit. Next to Argyll, the malice of the king and Cavaliers was fiercest against Johnston of Warriston, and Swinton. Unus vir nullus vir—One man is no man. translates his conjecture olan for ola.