The consciousness of that melancholy truth, inspires a degree of persevering fury, seldom to be found in those civil wars which are artificially supported for the benefit of a few factious and designing leaders.

Haselrig and Morley had gone down to Portsmouth, where they were well received by the governor, and were looked up to as representing the authority of Parliament. It was to this class that Kinadon belonged. On peut dominer par la force, mais jamais par la seule adresse—We may lord it by force, but never by adroitness alone. Efforts have been made to extend the culture of the currant vine, and introduce it to other islands, but not with any great degree of success. I will be as harsh as truth and as uncompromising as justice. W.

Unsociable tempers are contracted in solitude, which will in the end not fail of corrupting the understanding as well as the manners, and of utterly disqualifying a man for the satisfactions and duties of life. Two days afterwards (the 16th of January, 1647), the Parliament of Scotland acceded to the demand of the English Parliament that the king should be given up, a promise being exacted that respect should be had to the safety of his person in the defence of the true religion, and the liberties of the two kingdoms, according to the Solemn League and Covenant. Now what a sunbeam is, thou mayest know if thou observe the light of the sun, when through some narrow hole it pierceth into some room that is dark. ? Now ready, the Volume for July to October 1886, cloth extra, gilt edges, 7s. 235] own society and moderate way of life at home, to appointments as harmosts in foreign towns, with all the flattery and all the corruption attending them.