Yet in many cases an agent may deviate from the strict rules of legal justice, and be liable to no blame, when that deviation is owing to unavoidable ignorance, there having been neither time nor opportunity sufficient for him to know the substance, or perhaps existence of the law.

Denique non omnes eadem mirantur amantque—All 35 men do not admire and love the same things. This young man led a party of the enemy who were able, by his knowledge of the surroundings of his home, to capture General Crook in the night, and to carry him away a prisoner without any serious collision with the troops encamped about. To relieve this monotony, glazing, colouring, or woodwork were resorted to, in case the use of columns was excluded; sometimes more artistic measures were used, such as projecting pilasters, which in Chaldea were somewhat crude, but richly ornamented in Assyria; also mosaics of conical form, or decorations of vases on the walls. On the reading of this letter the House was thrown into a violent agitation. We saw a great deal here of the Sassoon family, who showed us much hospitality.

Here the northern and western barbarians have their King Plenipo, and their Consul, their chaplain and physician, their pet hotels, English (Meurice’s), their club and library (Galignani’s), their tavern (Byron’s, famed for beer), their dentist, their pharmacies, and their shops labelled, ‘English (or American) spoken here,’—which generally means, ‘I’m a thief, you’re a fool.’ We can tell a compatriot a mile off—the men by their billycock hats and tweed suits, their open mouths, hats well at back of head, and red guide-books; the women by their wondrous dress and hats—for which there are special shops—their turned-up toes and noses, their manly strides, their taking men’s arms, one on each side; and the glum faces of both sexes on the Sabbath, when the guide-book is exchanged for the Common Prayer-book and the Bible. With a firm resolution not to betray herself and not show her agitation, she sent for Mademoiselle Bourienne and went with her to the drawing room. Twenty years later his son Aristomachus consulted an oracle, which promised him victory if he went by way of the defile. Theodosius was chaste and temperate; he enjoyed, without excess, the sensual and social pleasures of the table; and the warmth of his amorous passions was never diverted from their lawful objects. The small boy was convalescing, and was engaged in playing on the floor with some tin ships, together with two or three pasteboard monitors and rams of my own manufacture.

The term of three months is specified only in the latter passage. Examples have demonstrated to us that in military affairs, and all others of the like active nature, the study of sciences more softens and untempers the courages of men than it in any way fortifies and excites them. Faults seen through passion appear much greater to us than they really are, as bodies do when seen through a mist. And the Consul did leave me almost immediately. Haud ignara ac non incauta futuri—Neither ignorant nor inconsiderate of the future.

But not yet was the hero permitted to enjoy his well-earned repose, for the friends and relatives of the suitors now rose in rebellion against him and pursued him to the abode of his father. Formerly, they enforced their (Xenêlasy or) expulsion of strangers, and forbade foreign travel, in order that their citizens might not be filled with relaxed habits of life from contact with foreigners; but now, those who stand first in point of influence among them, study above all things to be in perpetual employment as harmosts abroad. He sometimes noticed with dissatisfaction that he repeated the same remark on the same day in different circles. A brave and competent soldier, he was believed to be worthless and untrustworthy. Pyrrho, he who erected so pleasant a knowledge upon ignorance, endeavoured, as all the rest who were really philosophers did, to make his life correspond with his doctrine.

Cui lecta potenter erit res / Nec facundia deseret hunc nec lucidus ordo—He who has chosen a theme suited to his powers will never be at a loss for felicitous language or lucid arrangement. Nimia cura deterit magis quam emendat—Too much pains may injure rather than improve your work. Gregory’s Job. This is peculiarly hard to do when we deal with such a matter as corruption. The presence of some god, or the memory of some hero, seemed to animate every part of the city, and the empire of the world had been promised to the Capitol.

The Christians were not less averse to the business than to the pleasures of this world. Several of those present bore witness to the truth of his story, and they marvelled much at the ways of Fortune, how she makes the most incongruous elements work together to accomplish her purposes. She gave it to him and, unpleasant as it was to her to do so, ventured to ask him what her father was doing. In same manner, the union of the legislative and executive in a state gives it the appearance of one form, while the distinction between subject and sovereign, and their still mutual relation give it another. But those who, though invested with magistracies, wish to be considered on an equality with private individuals, and those private individuals who labor to abolish all distinctions between their own class and the magistrates, are extolled with acclamations and overwhelmed with honors, so that it inevitably happens in a commonwealth thus revolutionized that liberalism abounds in all directions, due authority is found wanting even in private families, and misrule seems to extend even to the animals that witness it.

Nullum est jam dictum quod non dictum sit prius—Nothing is said now that has not been said before. [673] Diodor. Bonne renommée vaut mieux que ceinture dorée—A good name is worth more than a girdle of gold. They arrested Lilburne and his five small beagles, who published, on the 1st of May, their “Agreement of the People,” and clapped them in the Tower, and hastened down to Salisbury to quell the insurrection which had broken out in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, and Wilts in the army. As regards location, the Forsyth vineyard is not surpassed by any, and as regards appointments it is the most complete and handsome establishment that can be found anywhere.

The upper end of these bayous being cut off from a water supply, further than the rainfall back of the levees, was grown up with dense timber for a distance of several miles from their source.